Summer 2017                                                

 Memorial.River View.CW

Belgian Refugee Memorial Stands Proud

in East Twickenham

East Twickenham's memorial to the First World War Belgian Refugee community of Twickenham and Richmond   -   unveiled on  April 1st this year by the Belgian Ambassador  in front of more than  250 people     -   is now open for all to see in Warren Gardens,  just outside the site of the  Pelabon Munitions Works  which brought the  "Belgian Village on the Thames" into being.


Photo by Keith Barron                  

Memorial funded by Richmond Civic Pride and Civic Trust Funds with the support of the people of Richmond upon Thames and lovers of Belgium from across the world.

Ceremony supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Heathrow Communities Together and East Twickenham Traders Association.