Memorial completed by Kristoffel Boudens                                


    We’ve already collected funds for our memorial to the Belgian Refugees, which is                                                   now finished and ready in Brouge, waiting to be brought over by Belgian stone-cutter                                           Kristoffel Boudens.



Warren Gardens.Marquee site




The memorial goes up in March in Warren Gardens,just outsidethe site of the old Pelabon Munitions Works  - ready and waiting for the big public ceremony on April 1st when it will be unveiled by the Belgian Ambassador       in front of more than 250 people.


This event is going to be fantastic. It won’t just unite the local neighbourhood. It will bring people from Twickenham, Richmond and the whole Borough together, connect us with our Belgian descendants, and build ties of friendship with Belgians living in the UK, Belgium and across the world.


The support from Heathrow Communities Together will allow us to put up a marquee big enough to keep all our visitors warm and dry, and will also protect our stunning exhibition from the wind and rain.


East Twickenham Centennial Group wants to thank the Heathrow Community Fund so much for its generous help.


Other groups looking for support might like to know that in the past two years the Fund has donated more than £1 million through programmes which support young people, protect the environment and support active local communities. Its money comes from airport fines imposed on aircraft that breach noise limits, from Heathrow employees’ fund-raising, and from John Lewis. It also helps Heathrow staff to volunteer and support  local communities where they live. The Fund is part of an independent grant-making charity set up by Heathrow’s owners to support and strengthen local communities close to the airport.


For  more on the fund and how to apply for grants, go to