The memorial site was spectacular:    on the bank of the River Thames just outside the site                    of the old Belgian Factory in what is now Warren Gardens. 

    Memorial Site.Warren Gardens         

The memorial was to stand at the very centre of the gardens, where once a sentry guarded the Pelabon Works.

Memorial Site.Sentry On Guard

It would be open to the throng who walk the tow-path, the hundreds cruising by on pleasure-boats, and even the crowds on the other side of the river. 


 The exciting memorial concept   created by Su Bonfanti was for a piece of public art in the form of a "standing stone", with a poetic inscription spiralling around it in a large decorative font. The stonding stone, found in both Britain and Belgium, was to signify antiquity and timelessness.Heree are examples of the sort of thing we were thinking of:-

  Memorial.Exemplar Standing Stone          Memorial.Exemplar Decorative Font         

The monument was to be carved out of "Belgian Blue" stone by our stone-cutter Kristoffel Boudens in Belgium.


 Our inscription  was chosen out of many excellent possibilities from a Poetry Workship at Orleans Primary School, where all the Twickenham Belgian children were educated:

                                                           Memories flow through me                                                         like a boat flows down the river          

This was written by 9-year Issy Holton from Year 5. The plan was to show it the three languages used in East Twickenham in 1914-18: English, French, and Dutch/Flemish.

There would also be an information board at the site, telling the story and showing some of the photos.


 The public unveiling was planned for 2017,   probably by the Belgian Ambassador (who had agreed     in principle) and in the presence of The Mayor, Local Councillors, our Members of Parliament, and local people (men, women and children) from Richmond and Twickenham. There would also be other eminent and interested people, descendants, and visitors from Belgium. The unveiling was to be backed up with an exhibition telling the refugees' story, and by a reception for our guests.